Anyone in the uk?

hi there anyone in the uk on here?

im at st georges hosp in london

Hi Jenny,

My guess is some from the UK will respond to you.

To see who all from the UK have signed up here, go to the Members Page, then scroll down under All members to the Advanced Search box and type in UK. I came up with 21 members and you can view their profiles.

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

HI jenny im ron from north wales united kingdom i had an opp to remove an avm from my spine

write back and we'll talk some more ron

hi ron i hope you are ok?

HI JENNYi had an opp to remove avm from my spine in 2003 in liverpool i was paralized from the waist down

i suffer a lot now with stingin inside my legs and my hips realy hurt and because i cant stand it makes it worse

where was your avm let us know god bless ron