Anyone know about Cavernous Angioma?

I had MRI and CT-Angio couple of weeks ago. And this week i consult to another neurologist. He said beside AVM i might have a Cavernoma (Cavernous Angioma). He said it's between that i have only AVM, AVM with Cavernoma, or just Cavernoma. All this time and from the neurologists before they said i have only AVM and they never mentioned Cavernoma. Does anyone know about this? Please help :) thx!

I have both as well. You might check out the group for CM's here on the network. Maybe you'll get more information there.

There is a group for gamma knife and readiation treatmens as well (coming back to your other question)

Greeting Melissa

thankyou for the recommendation Melissa :)
So how's about your AVM and CM?

Hi dycha,
I have multiple CM's & hope you'll find the info, resources & support @ our sub-community as Melissa suggested. :)

No thanx Dycha, I am glad if I can help.
My avm is closed now (with a stent, coils, and glue) at the moment it's shrinking. The CM isn't closed yet. I need one embolization (and maybe radiation after). My AVM and CM are attached with eachother by ingoing barrels.. that's why my case is a little complicated.
Are the doctors planning to do radiation only in your case? Or will you have embolization/surgery as well?



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