Anyone post AVM or Annie 10 years +?

Hi I’m new here and have a burning question. I had an AVM and annie clipped 26 years ago (at 11y.o.), and another AVM clipped 16 years ago. The last one bled and caused a left sided hemiparesis. I’ve been an occupational therapist for 10 years and recently i’ve had several patients with similar histories whose symptoms of weakness or spasticity have suddenly gotten worse. They haven’t had any new bleeds. their doctors have told them it’s the aging process. I’m starting to learn about post op scarring. anyone have more info?

I just learned from Mirella that an annie is a nickname for an aneurysm.

Liam thanks for your reply. When did the problems develope? I have read about some individuals who develope scarring and related problems shortly after surgery, but 10 or 20 years after surgery? You’d think by then the scarring process would be completed. Oh well who really knows I guess.