Anyone seen a video of the inner-working of an angiogram?

Here’s a very brief clip of the angiogram I had a month before my surgery. (Nothing graphic, just a live action back and white MRI video.
496-angiovid.avi (8.1 MB)

That’s pretty cool. I always say it’s a good thing that there are smarter people in this world than me because a lot of times I wonder what are they seeing that I don’t. Andrew asked his doctor for a picture of his brain when he had his surgery and the doctor gave him a video of the whole brain surgery. You can’t tell it’s Andrew, I don’t think I could watch if I could. It pretty amazing though!!

I have a copy of my son’s too. It’s pretty cool to see it but freaks me out to watch that blood flow so fast thru the AVM and then right back out of his brain. What a waste.

Hi Jake,

Your Angiogram Was Interesting To Watch.A Few Weeks Ago I Had My Angiogram + MRI Scan Both With Contrast.Im Waiting To Go Back To Hospital To See My Consultant To See How They Can Help Me.I Have A AVM Size 3cm Plus 2 Anurysms.Its Good I Feel To Read Other People's Story's It Gives Others Hope.

Take Care Crystal