Anyone trying to get back to 'work' (voluntary or not) how's it going?


I’m doing a bit of admin, second time around, so doing less now am more aware of how the operation has affected me (tiredness, lapses in concentration). Is anyone familiar with this? It’s like having a second go at something, trying again but with the knowledge that, first time round (right after my surgery) I lacked.
Wish me luck!


I was just given the ok to go back yesterday! I am hoping things will go well. I am 2 months 3 weeks post op. I hope all goes as planned for you!


My neurologyst recommended not to work or not to go school…Until next year on 2011
to my that is hard because…I was used to work 24-7 and go to the gym an in the side…I was going to school part time…I also get tired and slow memory then before slight headaches…But we all different so don’t give up and have faith…Good luck and god bless…

I started college three weeks after getting discharged from my craniotomy, though, I didn’t get the go-ahead until a couple days before I left. I was thrilled to be back, but in addition to not being used to being in class (I hadn’t had to write a real essay in over six months), recovery (plus med side-effects) made schoolwork really difficult and I was often too tired to socialize. My school has one class at a time and four months out of surgery is still weird. I’m taking Calc II at the moment and I used to be lighting fast at math and now everything takes longer to process.
Also, getting back into a workout routine has been really frustrating.

Im 4 months out from my operation and the fatigue is still kickin my slats in. Its always nappy time.

I went back to work a year later. I felt insecure. I wondered how my co- workers would take to me. Would I be able to perform my job as well as before. I felt tired the first couple of months. It’s been a year since I went back and my strength and confidence have increased gradually. Have faith and take it easy the first couple of weeks. Take it one day at a time.


Agree with you, getting back to a routine is good for your confidence. I still get tired, esp as my boss likes me to be in at 9 am. Normally I get up anywhere between 9 am and 4 pm! Luckily I can nap in the afternoon, so far so good. Do you guys find that flexible working hours helps?