Aphasia, learning to read and speak again

We are a year and half post hemmorhage and struggling to get help with learning to read and speak again. My husband’s speech has definitely come a long way…from only being able to say “dog” for the first 8 months to actually saying 2-3 words together. He has shown that he has the ability to re-learn and cognitively knows what he wants to say but struggles with getting it out still. We have been trying to get back into speech therapy over the last two months (he was cut off speech, OT, and PT in January of this year) but he is at the point where we think he is ready to start learning his letters again. He lost all letters, reading, numbers he visually knows but the names for everything were completely lost. In going through his rehab facility, the speech therapist he was working with has not been consistent with appointments and although I talked to him about it is not getting me anywhere. The concept he was working with my husband with is similar to the “hooked on phonics” method. I think he was great with Chris (my husband) in the beginning but I just don’t think he really knows where to go from here and that is the reason for the erratic appts. I have to say I am very frustrated with the whole process…the neurosurgeon emphasizes the need to keep in therapy and learning right now but with the rehab we actually got “very impressed with your willingness to continue to try to improve”…I know they meant it as a compliment but it was insulting as the alternative is just to lay down and give up. We have a 3 & 5 year old and that is not an option for us as a family or for Chris as a father. He wants to recover so badly and it just seems like a fight to get help to do that. We are not looking for someone to do it for us, only give us some direction, resources, anything. Sorry for the venting…the point to this is wondering if someone here would be able to recommend a website, software or dvd that would aid in re-learning letters, reading, etc.? We need something that Chris can do on his own during the day but it needs audio with it. We do things at night after I get home from work but he is tired by then and our time is limited with the kids so if there is something he can work on while they are at school/daycare it would be great. I have looked on the internet but it is hard to tell what is legit and most of what I find is geared toward children.
Any recommendations would be appreciated!

There is a book called Stroke of Insight (http://drjilltaylor.com/) and a movie called Life.Support.Music. (http://www.lifesupportmusic.org).

Both are true stories about AVM survivors who had to relearn everything. One of the lessons from these stories is that the survivors made miraculous recoveries because of the efforts of their families not because of traditional rehabilitation. Only family could provide 24/7 mental stimulation and rehabilitation.

Know from these stories it will take years of sweat and tears but it’s possible.

God Bless,

I’m so sad that your husband has not been given a home program that he can work on. I live in Canada and I knew I had just read of a regional Aphasia Support group in our area, which I realize does not help you but maybe there is one in your area that could help and advise you?
Also when I was looking for this support group info, I came across this website- http://www.aphasia.ca/training/index.html
and at the bottom of this page it has some books, etc to order so maybe something there might help or you could email them and ask what they would suggest. It is Canadian, but you know us Canadians, we always like to help out!
This is the website for the one in our area. http://www.ydac.on.ca/about.htm
I hope you can get some answers.

wow…your husbands story sounds so much like mine. I remember only being able to say trash and the word green for everything for the first few months. but for me someone how everything just kind of came back together…Id id have some speech therapy and It is still hard especially when I get tired and loose all my words. Math is really hard for me but I am hoping to be able to go back to school in a bout a year. This month is my one year anniversary for my second surgery and it has been 20 months I think since my first surgery. I just wanted to let you know that I understand a lot of what your husband is going through and I have to have my husband help me everyday…he even helped me write this. :slight_smile: Just give him time and encourage him whenever you get the chance. If he is anything like me I feel like I have become one of the stupidest people I have ever met. And it helps so much when I hear people encourage me and help me whenever they can. I hope I helped you out some. If you have any other things you want to ask me go ahead…I will answer whatever I can. :slight_smile: