Apraxia of speech

did anyone have apraxia of the speech after the avm bled? i feel like im all alone in this!!

Ashley, what is apaxia of speech?

I was reading on Apraxia…I’m just tossing the ball your way-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apraxia
I have NOT read all of it, I have Aphasia (mild). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphasia

It SUCKS, because people judge you (in my line of work) by what you say; but that all petty, I’m alive…


apraxia of speech is when you know what you want to say it just always comes out wrong. everyone i meet jump to the conclusion i am mentally handicapped because i talk different and use a walker. thanks regis for that i will give that site a look!!

yes- exactly, I know… it happens to me from time to time. YES, it’s annoying…my solution- IS NOT TO LET IT bother me. The moment you let it bother you it shows in your body language.


I had surgery in June, and my avm was right over the speech center in the brain and I have had some of that, and the other too I think. I am hoping it will improve. Who knows, at least I am alive. I’m not allowed to drive right now just in case so i dont get out much anyway, but when it happens, my parents look at me weirdly.

Lately I’m about to say something and I completely forget the word or name I was about to say. Is that part of speech apraxia? It is happening with more and more frequency lately…so frustrating and embarassing!

My son has this, he forgets words and has to describe the word he wants to say. He was born with a AVM in the speech center of the brain. So this part of his brain is under developed. I have noticed that he is becoming less frustrated as he is becoming older, I think because his vocab is growing so he can use a lot of decriptive words to help us to help him to find the answer. He is also in speech therapy which has helped a lot.

yes, that is what happens to me, but has only been happening since after my surgery. I do that too, when i have to try describing things to get to the word I know I am looking for. I have never had problems with words and language and speaking until after.

I use my “spanglish”…Emily, you’ll get over it. My ex (back then when I had my AVM removed) said right now, I speak well and I get my point across. I won ARGUMENTS by having slow speech; I take time get all my words in a row (as I’m speaking). HA! Be patient, I know its fustrating. Especially when you get the reaction from your loved ones. If you want to talk- I’m here.


Camille has had speech therapy since she was 3- and they thought she may possibly had apraxia of speech. Her AVM wasn’t found until she was 7- she still has some speech issues, but is no longer in speech therapy.