Are headaches normal after embolization?

I had my first embo treatment on Tuesday. I have been having a headache and advil doesn’t cut it, I have a call into the Doctor’s office. I also have a very sore stiff neck. Any ideas?


Thank you Robert, yes I did call the Doctor and they were concerned more about the stiff neck. I have read that headaches are normal after embo. Anyway he sent me in for a cat scan to be sure I didn’t have any bleeding and everything is fine. :slight_smile: I’m lucky it was just a “stiff neck”… so I was put on flexirel. My neck is much better today, still have a headache though. I imagine I’ll be fighting those for awhile. I heard it can be 6 days to 6 months after an embo procedure to have headaches. Oh well if it means I have to deal with headaches to get rid of this then so be it! :slight_smile: I’m grateful they found mine before it led to an emergency.

Hi Rachel
Sorry to say but I had a headache for months after my embo, it was terrible in the hospital they would only give painkillers every 6 hours. I couldn’t wait to get home so i could swallow painkillers like sweeties - not the smartest thing to do but i did not care. Take care

Hi Rachel
My son had headache just few days in the ICU and after ICU.
After few days, finished but exceptionaly and occasionaly:For instance twice a month.
Be carefull for bleeding.If you felt too much headache, you need to be monitored for probable bleeding.
I recommend you to avoid heavy lifting and diving and heavy activities and try to be quiet and silent because, the ONYX (or any other material your embolizer has used), has blocked some part of the vesse and -or-nidusl and the previous blood flow is going to pass through the narrower vessel and smaller nidus.

Hi Rachel,

I hope you are feeling better today. I think the headaches are normal after the embolization, that happened to my son after each one embo that he had done. (he had 3) It took weeks for him to feel better.Everybody is different but I think little by little you start to feel better. Now he is headache free.