Arteries and Veins

Is there a possible way to strengthen the Arteries and Veins? If there is a way will I be able to strengthen it so it won't rupture? I actually Google it up and did a research and it seems like there are some supplements that will help strengthen the arteries and veins. Can I possibly take my chance to take those supplements and give it a try? Or should I just let it be? Do give me good feedback please, thank you!!!

I actually had no idea I had an AVM until I was 49 years old, then I had a large bleed. I ended up having my AVM removed successfully. That was almost 6 years ago. I am able to do pretty much anything I want to do - I have no limitations. Always ASK YOUR DOCTOR and trust your doctor's advice. If you can't trust your doctor, find a new doctor. I hope you are able to talk with your doctor and have all your questions answered.