Has anyone had any experience with Ativan to help deal with living with an AVM?


I haven’t used this drug…although I have a bottle of Xanax from earlier last year when I was struggling with the non healing wound and arterial bleeding. I actually only used it once…

I do think there are quite a few people taking anxiety meds for this… I’m sure you aren’t alone if this is one of the ways you are coping.

Hope you are doing well!

Thanks Shalon.

I am finding that Ativan has helped me cope-however-I also understand that it is very addictive. I have been taking it for a couple of months. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to learn more about anxiety medications so I am hoping there will be some sort of solution.

Thanks again.

I have a prescription for Ativan that I keep on hand. It’s 0.5 mg which is very low compared to the doses of Xanax and Valium that I was prescribed in the past for anxiety (not related to my AVM). I’m not able to take Xanax during the day - it makes me too out of it - and it also gives me a hangover effect if I take it before bed. I don’t take Ativan on a daily basis - just having it on hand seems to be an anxiety deterrent for me, but it is helpful on days where my anxiety is super high.

Christine- that’s pretty much how I feel with my Xanax bottle… I just feel a little more “ok” knowing it is there if I do need it for some reason. And like I said, I’ve only used it once. Although since I keep missing the front row in the airplane on my trips…I think I may need to start bringing it with me on the plane. I have to keep myself from freaking out with the stupid seats right in front of my gigantic swollen face!!!

Thanks for the responses.

I am interested in methods of coping with anxiety. The (Ativan) medication has really helped (obviously), but I don’t want to rely on them.

I am interested in how you overcame your anxiety without medication.

Thanks again.

was on it after my AVM bled for 3 years…really hard to get off:(. Klonapin (sp?) helps the anxiety on a timed release basis instead of instantly like ativan…but it works for me and apparantly easier to get off. I also take Paxil CR & Abilify. The combo is actually working:)
Good Luck to you!! Wish I could be off all meds… but life is better for the family this way!

Ativan (lorazepam) is not as strong as Xanax (alprazolam), but it basically does the same thing and are both benzodiazepines. If you are having anxiety attacks or trouble sleeping, it can be helpful. It can be addictive, but be sure you use it as directed and have close follow-up with your doctor. If you are having more trouble than occasional anxiety attacks, you should opt for a daily med to manage the anxiety such as a low dose Paxil or Zoloft if your doctor feels it is appropriate.

As for use with seizures Wikipedia says:

The marked anticonvulsant properties of lorazepam, and its pharmacokinetic profile, makes intravenous lorazepam a reliable agent for terminating acute seizures, but it has relatively prolonged sedation aftereffects. Oral lorazepam, and other benzodiazepines, have a role in long-term prophylactic treatment of resistant forms of petit mal epilepsy but not as first-line therapies, mainly because of the development of resistance to their effects.