I know that we’ve had this conversations about this before, but blame it on the AVM, I can’t remember! LOL Anyway, for the last three or four days , I’ve had daily episodes of a feeling like a wave of warmth washing over me. I don’t know how to explain it except to say that I feel “weird” afterwards. It feels like it happens very quickly and I have goosebumps afterwards and feel a little shaky. Is this an aura?

I think I get what you are saying and honestly that is how I feel after I have had a seizure. I had one this morning and I have felt that way every since then and it is now 16 hours later. I think you should talk this over with your doctors…just to be safe. I hope everything is going ok other than this. I’m praying for you and hoping you start to feel better as soon as possible

I know this is dumb…but I have always been too afraid to do my own research when it comes to seizures…just make me really nervous and so scared. I was about to do some research for you…but I’m sorry I chickened out.
I did however just copy a little tad of info from a website.

Researchers who have studied different types of auras for many years have found patterns. For many people, the sensations in an aura occur in the same order. For example, you may always feel fear, then déjà vu (the feeling that you’ve been there before), then a strange taste in your mouth. This pattern would point towards the existence of a prominent seizure pathway in your brain.

The part of your brain where your seizures originate (your seizure focus) also may be linked to a specific type of aura because an aura represents the beginning of a seizure. Since different parts of the brain are responsible for different things, the warning signs you experience will be related to the functions of the section of brain where the seizure is about to occur. People whose seizures begin in the temporal lobe tend to have certain types of auras and those whose seizures begin somewhere else often will have different types.

It sounds very much like an aura to me. I used to have frequent auras that came as a result of simple partial seizures. They would come on very qucikly, make me feel a bit queasy, warm… almost as if my face was flushed and turning red, and I’d sometimes get this odd “tunnel vision” effect where it feels like things were travelling away from me. This would last for a minute or two at most and that would be the end of it.

Connie I have that too (OH NO THATS HOT FLASHES ) just kidding …

connie do be careful, to me it sounds like a type of siezure…an aura as far as i know is a focal thing you usually see it rather than feel it…but don’t quote me i could be wrong…but when i experience aura i see what i discribe as heat waves in front of me

An aura is a seizure. A mild one, but never the less …
Might be time to give some blood & check your levels.