AVM Again?

I barely made it through the last curve ball that is why I am frightened. I am hopping to get good news what ever that may be.

Ok Great News finally. I can breath again! Although I don't feel well sometimes still I don't have another AVM the radiologist was viewing the vein that still remains from the actual AVM surgery. It is not another AVM. I just need to continue to see my Dr only if I start having any crazy symptoms like I was having. So NO AVM!!!!!!! Thank GOD! That was scary.

EXCELLENT. :) Yay, Alma!

Thanks for your support it was very appreciated. I still get headaches. I still want to know why that is going on. After I had my AVM removed I wasn't having any as much as I seem to be getting now. I am to see the Neurologist if I have any problems. I will see the Dr again in October. I am concerned that why when I had the MRA with contrast dye, targeted in the area they thought they saw an AVM on ,almost made me have a seizure? I will wright down what I go through so I can take it to the next appointment in Oct. But as of now I am feeling much better. I am not working and I am trying to take better care of myself sleeping well and all that.

Alma, have you joined the Coping with Headaches group? (Click on "Groups" to find it.) Unfortunately, a fair number of members continue to have headaches after treatment. About the contrast dye, you might want to post a discussion to see if others have experienced the same. I am glad you are feeling better.