AVM and Pulse Rate

As many of you know, I am in recovery from my third Gamma Knife for my brain AVM. As far back as I can remember, I have had a high pulse. At rest, it was usually 100 BPM. I attributed most of it to my anxiety, both from the AVM and from other life drama. Now my MRI results are showing that the AVM is shrinking slowly.

I randomly took my blood pressure and pulse readings yesterday. My blood pressure was at a normal healthy reading, and to my surprise my pulse was down to about 82 BPM, a reading I’ve never had in living memory. I’ve been actually more stressed lately, so I was shocked to see such a “healthy” pulse rate.

Has anyone else had a high pulse related to their AVM? Did treating the AVM lower your pulse? I imagine it’s all connected, I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.


From a young age I was experiencing anxiety,panic attacks etc…
I dont know if it’s AVM related,but I wasn’t aware of my AVM untill it bled in my 30s,and I kind of got over my anxiety by time. When it bled,it all came back, anxiety, depression and that was definitely related because as i got better these feelings also disappeared.I have a small AVM and I had these symptoms, I imagine in bigger ones like yours makes more sense.If you find pictures on Google of the brain it explains every area of it and what it affects.

I had brain surgery for my AVM at the age of 9 in 1985. This would result in anger issues and massive headaches. I was the second survivor and the youngest at the time. Depakote on a low dose can help keep you from having headaches including migraines, & hlp with the high temperatures while helping with seizures. On the negative side it could have a negative affect on women trying to have children. Kepra is the best choice and I have been on over 20 medications
Fish oil vitamins help to balance out your diet so you dont become diabetic.

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I had a ton of anxiety in high school. I had AVM surgeries (Gamma Knife) at ages 10, 16, and 24. The surgeries themselves are stressful, not to mention my school turned against me when I got sick. (I passed out at school from the pain and nobody called 911. In hindsight, I don’t think I should have returned to school without dealing with that trauma.)
I still have anxiety today around my upcoming scans, appointments etc. I don’t really feel less stressed, but I’m fascinated to see my pulse come down on its own.

That is interesting as I was told I could no longer take fish oil when my AVM was discovered. Was it approved by your doctor?

My resting BPM is usually around 55 and the blood pressure is around 110/70 when I take it at home or at personal doctor’s office. But when I’m at the hospital, it seems to increase by 15-25 points. For me, I think it has something to do with the anxiety of being in the hospital.

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Same, I was taking Omega-3 vitamins to try to repair my brain, not knowing the AVM had grown back. After my second bleed, my neurosurgeon said not to take Omega-3 because it’s a blood thinner.

Me too, my pulse gets up to almost 200 when I’m at the hospital.