AVM Case Reports

A while back I found the case reports concerning my AVM and resection. The way the neurologists kept talking about my situation and saying how rare it was, etc. etc. I KNEW there had to be some kind of published report on it SOMEWHERE but I never could find it. Or so I thought. A while back I tried again and found it off the bat, including the MRI's attached. I had already found the MRI's multiple times but I did not realize they were mine! It was an interesting experience to say the least.



They did make one flub, though. I did not deliver vaginally at 39 weeks. Although Dr. Singer said that it was completely safe for me to do so, and it was my ultimate plan, my OB would not let me and I actually had a C-Section. In their defense I never made my last appointment with my neurosurgeon because they canceled the appt. and were supposed to reschedule, which did not happen, and my medical card lapsed anyway.