AVM change my life completely

Good morning All

Its been awhile that I have posted and I am writing this cause maybe someone else can relate. We can read up on the medical terms but unfortunately there is no article that can explain what it will do to your life as a whole. So let me start from the beginning. In May 2018 I was diagnosed with an AVM on the left side of my brain. They could not operate as its to deep and will cause mayor damage to my sight, speech etc. So at the end radiation was the answer. Now being an accountant my brain is a very important part for me. The unfortunate part was that I had to do this all alone as my husband saw it as not being that serious. My outlook on life changed as it was a wake up call to say you need to start living. Everything changed about me. My personality (as I became more driven and wanted to take over the world is the best way to describe it), nitty gritty stuff was no longer important to complain about and focus my attention on more important things. The way I dressed changed and took better care of myself - so I changed in and out. My husband did not like this at all and could not handle it. So 1 year and 3 months later I am getting a divorce and it was my choice. No matter how you try to explain to someone that hasnt experienced this trauma they dont understand. I cant change back to the person I was. Once you learn to be a fighter and that you have no one to rely on things change. My family is freaking out cause I am taking this divorce so easily but last year was worse. I know it makes me sound like a monster but I dont know how to explain it otherwise. I hope someone can relate and that they dont feel alone. All the best to my fellow AVM survivors and fighters.