AVM charity iron man - could it work?

Did a brain surgery to remove my aVM about 15 months back. It was successful. I have started doing a lot of sports over the last months, especially triathlon training. The plan is to do a marathon in october, half iron man in January 2012 and a full iron man in May 2012. Thought is would be nice to try to do the full iron man as kind of a charity race where I would collect money and donate it to an AVM organization or to the hospital where I was treated. I have seen that stuff being organized in the US but I live in Chile so would need to kind of do this on my own. Do you think it could work?

It would probably not be a lot of money I would collect, maybe 2-3,000 USD but at least it would be symbolic.



never know till you try? I think the question should be, Why wouldnt it work?

Good Luck!!!!

I think this is an amazing idea! Until I was diagnosed, I had never heard the term “AVM” and certainly never heard of anyone trying to raise money for research or anything. I say go for it! Oh, and congrats on your health and your pursuit of the iron man competitions.