Avm complete removal

just met with my neuro surgeon. i have had a few episodes of disorientation in the last two weeks.

I had a cerebralhemmorage 2 yeas ago

They have done 4 embolizations to shrink it so they can radiate it and get rid of it.

Just wondering what would improve if i had it removed. Woukd circulation improve? would i have a btte bloood flow. I still numb up on one side of my body Would this help> thanks, reppik

Hi Reppik-a tough decision…I had my AVM removed I dnt want to have to worry about it “STILL BEING THERE” there is only a 70 percent chance that they can totally get rid of it,that wasnt enough for me i just dnt want to worry about another bleed.i found the best dr. in phoenix az.he was great,her specializes in AVMs.I had a stroke with mine this was in 2006,i still have a “different” feeling in my entire right side. but ya never know!!! Good luck to you,think positive. Georgianne