AVM: emotional/physical change

A couple of people were affected the way I was: I view the people the world differenly, acording to the Doc and family, miricle I survived, value my life and others more.
The area of brain that is in charge of the Executive Function was damaged, basically, unable to follow thru with plans and goals,etc. I think when we are normal, we take life for granted, quess thats why I now love family more, everybody!

An AVM usually has a way of smacking you and getting your attention. Once you think about the situation you find yourself in, you often reassess your thinking where you care less about stuff and more about family.

Best Wishes,
Ron, KS

Hello Ron,
Thanks, you got it right! Family and friends, even strangers help me get over the neg, stuff, little by little I’m gaining more self control by the care by people like you.

Nice day!