i had an angiogram on Tuesday, about a year after my bleed/craniotomy, and they say everything is fine. The AVM is completely gone!! I feel so blessed and wanted to share my good news and wish that everyone else on here can get the same good news eventually.

That is so WONDERFUL I am so HAPPY for you mary kate!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I remember the great day my husband received the same wonderful news, I hope everyone on this site can post the same thing one day! So how are you doing?

Thats awesome!! I am hoping and praying that we will get the same news sometime. Thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope for my little girl. Yay congrats you!!

Mary ate: That is great! I just found myself he same great news and to tell people I “had” an avm…priceless…God bless! do something for you sweetie!

Congratulations mary kate, I’m so happy for you…it’s so good to hear the good news, brings hope to all.