AVM in left frontal lobe

Hi everyone,

In December of 2007, I was diagnosed with an AVM, which is 4mm in my left frontal lobe. Needless to say, this did not surprise me.

I had my first migraine at age 13. The migraine was so excruciating that I could not find the strength to walk on my own. I began to see a neurologist who wanted me to be a guinea pig and try every medication available. I was told that my headaches were due to various triggers such as school and food. He told me to keep a record of when I got a headache, how long it lasted, what I ate and what I was doing at the time it came about.

In my early 20’s, my headaches became unbearable. I decided to see another neurologist as an adult. My headaches were becoming more and more intense leaving me incompacitated. They dictated what I could or could not do.

I tried every medication available for migraines including muscle relaxers and aspirin. Nothing worked.

A year or so before I was diagnosed with the AVM, I began to get what could be described as cluster headaches over my left eye. I’ve never felt so much pain. My eye would turn dark pink, swell to the point where it would be half closed and produce never ending tears. My vision also decreased in my left eye causing blurred sight. It got to the point where I knew something was wrong and demanded an MRI.

I’ve have yet to decide what I’m going to do. I can not go on living like this anymore.

My son avm was right frontal lobe. He never had a headache before the bleeding. I think the location is good for craniotomy. Your avm is very small I think it will not be complicated to get rid of it for once and for good. xx

hi Lee, what is the doctor advising as the next course of action? Have you arranged a consultation for this yet. Stay well. Amanda

Lee, as I recommend to everyone, try to get several opinions of professionals. I understand that sometimes your insurance dictates who you can see but you have some very good medical centers in your area including the Mayo clinic. For my latest round I interviewed 5 different Drs on the east coast that are noted for their work with AVMs. Many of their treatment plans were similar but it also gave me a comfort level for each Dr. I eventually chose my current one because she gave me direct answers and did not use the comment that we would have to see once we get in there.
Unless you have a bleed and don’t have a say in your treatment I would say that many of us have experienced your same frustrations, pain and confusion on what is wrong with you and then once it is properly diagnosed what you should do to correct it.
Hope this helps,
Good luck

Hello Lee…Just found your page…I don’t get on too much. We live up near Green Bay and have found Dr. Wascher of neurospine to be very helpful for us. My daughter fortunately didn’t have any symptoms and the avm was found after a fall on the ice and concussion. He sent us to Froedert for a functional MRI to map it out…it is also in her left frontal lobe. Embolization was tried but determined when they were in there to be too great of a risk for perm. paralysis and aphasia so they didn’t proceed(thank GOD!) and then Ashley has been treated with cyber knife radiation and it appears to be working. Thankfully she is still symptom free. Hope all is going well for you this site has been a godsend for us and I hope you find it helpful as well. Best of luck to you!

I also discovered that my avm was in the left frontal and I have the same symptoms as you and no medications have really worked yet for me either. Know that I am praying for you and that we will fight this battle together. Also have you had your AVM removed?

HI lee I too have Avn on left frountal lobe . I some times get a bad headache behind my eye it really hurts . Asprin is the worse thing for you , I’m sure you know that now .