AVM in the Leg

I am 15 from Singapore, and have two AVM’s in my lower leg and foot. I’m not sure if anyone has a similar condition and am unsure which means to seek treatment.

In the past two weeks, the pain has been agonising as i felt sharp shooting pains up my thighs, from the toe even though there was no AVM present on the thigh after the MRI Scan

Hi Winston,

I have an AVM in my face and am having ethyl alcohol embo’s to scar the vessels and eventually have the mass removed surgically. You will get different opinions on treatment depending on which kind of doctor you see, how big the mass is, and where it is located. But generally it’s either embolizations or surgery.

What have your doctors told you so far?

I’ve had periods of intense sharp shooting pains as well, and my understanding is that it is a “side effect” of the swelling of the AVM vessels putting pressure on nerves and such. If you were able to get the activity in the AVM down (by embo) it would probably at least temporarily relieve the pain. It has in my case.

I know that my doctor treats patients with AVM’s all over the body, including the leg and foot and everything. He is in Denver, CO so quite a far stretch for you. But I think he does alot of training with doctors in other countries. He is actually off doing something in “Asia” right now…not sure what but he is definately out of the country alot meeting with other doctors.

Try googling for ethyl alcohol and leg ebolization. Maybe there is someone close by who is familiar with alcohol embos and you can at least find out if they think this is the treatment for you.

This site http://www.birthmarks.us/embolization.htm shows a before and after of vessels in a leg with alcohol embo. Scroll down to the bottom to see it. Maybe reducing all of those extra vessels will be what you need.

Hope that helps at least a little!

Good luck! Let me know how your research goes and if there is anything I can help you find.