AVM: Is Reoccurrence Possible? What Are The Possibilities?

Hello Everyone:

A friend fears that since I had one stroke that I could have another one, yet I was under the impression that AVMs don't necessarily reappear at the "same rate" as usual strokes. Am I right? I have been living my life and moving forward (being my usual positive self) but she is making me doubt myself a bit. I hate that! Really!

Sure, I know that when it is your time...you will go. However, one needs to live life looking forward and making whatever changes necessary for their situation.

In a nutshell, my friend knew someone who had a stroke, then a second one, and died (last month). So, she keeps remembering that...I of course was saddened to hear about her ministry friend. However, I am sure she thinks I am living in a dream world...I am fine with that! I just look at the glass as half (or 2/3) full most of the time...that's me. (I've always been that way)

I believe that if God wanted me He would have taken me in 2007 but He didn't. So, I must be here for a reason...I have some purpose that is still unknown to me. Yet, it is out here!

Is there a""large risk" of another stroke? [They used glue on mine]

Yes, I know none of us are physicians but I was just curious because I hear some any great stories here and was wondering.


Hi Judie. This is a subject that creeps up all the time here so I did a search for you...


Click on that link and you may find the answers you are seeking.

I have no doubt in my mind that you are here for a reason!!!!

Hello Judie. If your AVM was completely removed and none of it remains you are at no higher risk for a second stroke than anyone else. At least a stroke as a result of an AVM bleed. That’s not saying you couldn’t have a stroke as a result of a blockage, but not from an AVM bleed. If any part of your AVM remains it could grow back and pose a risk of a bleed. And do click on the link that Barbara gave you. I just love that she researches all of this whenever someone has a question!