AVM of the brain

I have an avm in my brain. I only found out about it when it ruptured in Aug 2011. I had to have an emergency brain surgery to stop the bleed. I had my first actual treatment in Oct 22011. I did embolization. The doctor told me this could heal it and I wouldn't have to have any other treatments. So I was wondering if only embo got rid of any one else's avms?????

Hi Britney,

I have had 2 embo's and 2 gamma knives. My avm was large and had 4 feeders. But my Dr's said from day one that embo woouldnt be the only treatment. I havent heard of anyone only needing embloizations to get rid of their avm. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!!

Yes, an embo can resolve your AVM. My husband went through the same sequence of events as you're going through, and he's been certified as fully treated by two different neurosurgeons over the past 6 years. His surgeon needed to do the embo in two separate stages in order to get to all of it, but it's done!

Everyone's AVM is different, and some have parts that are hard to get to by just one method. So for some cases, the embo is followed by surgery or radiation. But if your doctor scans your brain at your 6-month follow-up and tells you it's all clear, I think you can trust him! If you have lingering doubts, you can set up an appointment to show your scans and medical record to another doctor and get an outside opinion on whether you're truly finished with your treatment.