AVM Radiosurgery & increased risk of Glioblastoma

Soon, I will be scheduled for Cyberknife. I undersstand from my radiation Oncologist that this could increase the chance of getting Glioblastoma (Brain Tumor) at a later date. Anybody has additional information on this?

My neurosurgeon told me that studies have shown that Gamma Knife doesn’t produce any higher risk of getting tumors than is present in the general population. In other words, he claims that any risk you have of getting tumors now will be the same after Gamma Knife.

That’s what he said, but I do understand that other doctors may have different opinions.

I just had a consult with neurosurgeons at Stanford and they did not mention that as a risk. I’ll ket you know if I hear of anything like that as I do further research. I am interested in your experience as you go through the treatment. Where are you having this done?

We were told this as well. I don’t they have any studies or research done on it yet unfortunately.