AVM Regrowth

Thank you :-)

This is the first question i ask to my doctor during my follow up check up....
Is there any possibility that the AVM will grow again? or come back again? .
I was been rest assured that I am totally AVM FREE...

Hearing that from my doctor ... indeed I had peace of mind ...

I just asked my son's dr this yesterday at his 1 month post of visit. I was told that it is possible, because he is young, but it is very rare.

My Daughter got told her AVM was totaly Oblitarated following four Embos…only to result in a Brain Hemorage .She has since had a crainiotomy and the all clear once more. I hope the Doctors are right , ill see the scans and Angio imaging next month then maybee i will belive ??? xxx

Could not have said it better myself dancermom !! xxx George

One of my biggest fears but my Neuro states firmly that it is likely to grow back in children and not adults as the brain is still developing...with that said she wants to still check over years to make sure 100% as an extra precaution.

God bless

I was told my Daughters at risk in her twenties … Even though shes had a crainiotomy and had the all clear for now

my son luke just had his results from his post op angio and been told his AVM has gone but they still need to moniter him over the next several years because there is a small risk in children of it reforming

Good luck to you both