Avm removal

Hey everyone, I am new here… I bled out from my avm in 08, had brain surgery to remove it, and now have epilepsy and get depressed alot, the docs says there is no reason I should be havin these probs. and I know I am not fakin it, I find myself cryin alone in the bathroom al the time or just blowing up over nothing… Is anyone else going through this?

Depression is very ok! Lots of the survivors here, including myself, deal with it at one point or another. Epilepsy is also a common side effect. My neuro dudes explained that seizures can happen and epilepsy can be develop as your brain was damaged and connections were lost or changed. Are you taking an anti seizure med? I have only had one seizure and I will be on meds for quite some time and maybe forever because of surgery. You may want to look for a new doc if he is telling you there is no reason for either of these things. I was given the suggestion to find a councilor to get all of my feelings out. The key is to find someone who deals with traumatic injuries or health issues and will not just look for what kind of anti depression med they can put you on. I hope you find someone who will listen to you and not just tell you this shouldn’t be happening.

This link explains the function of the front temporal lobes and as you can see they are the emotional part of your brain so yes damage to this part of the brain can cause emotional issues that were not present before and your doctor should know this!


Hi Michele. I found this link with info on it...


Mood swings are quite common topic on this site especially where your AVM was located. Believe me...you are not alone!

Michelle, please know you are not alone and you are not crazy! Depression after a bleed is completely understandable. I too dealt with depression after I was released from the hospital. Given what we went through it’s almost expected, I would say. Any doctor that says there’s no reason for it is an idiot! Find a new doctor that understands the trauma of brain injuries. I can’t really speak to the epilepsy part, except that I was told that seizures were possible. Any time your brain is touched it’s a possibility. Don’t give up, just find a better doctor!

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You might find it interesting!

Please find a new doctor! You might want to ask for a referral to a neuropsychologist. A good doctor should understand all the factors that might affect your emotions after brain trauma–changes in the structure of the brain, epilepsy, epilepsy meds, having to deal with all the changes, not getting the support you now need… There are ways to work with each of those issues, and you need a doctor who’s knowledgeable and sensitive enough to help you figure out what’s at the root of your emotional changes.

My son is very sensitive. He can go from happy go lucky to crying in his room over the littlest thing.Sounds to me that the bleed might’ve done some damage that is now making itself known. There are meds that might help. Talk to a neurologist about it. If they don’t ,find a new doc.I hope this helps.

thanks to all of ya’ll! I had a relapse a few days ago and had very bad seizures again…:frowning: its been 7 months and i thought i was going to be ok… So now i am back to not being able to drive anymore or take baths alone or showers… All of ya’lls responses helped me out so muchj… just knowing i was not alone and still are not alone during this!! God bless all of ya’ll!

Hiya, sorry to hear you are feeling bad atm. You've been through a hell of alot and got through it. Like the other guys say, find a new doc ASAP who knows and understands the complexities of brains - a consultant . It is a very specialised area. Also, ask for a referral to see a neuropsychologist, they are trained to help.



Hey Michelle!

I'm Rachel and I suffer from a cerebral AVM. I've been getting mixed information as well. I havent been treated yet for my AVM but I'm being monitored every year. I'm going through the same thing right now. I get SUPER depressed and have anxiety attacks that almost cripple me.