AVM resected NYC Waner/Bernestein

Well I am finally back into action appherently we have gotten the whole thing gone and out. Mine was a subcutaneous (underneith the skin) and Dr. Waner says its gone. I have to go back and get another angiogram in awhile just to be sure and im still really painful on my face. They opened up the right side of my face down to my neck and had to resect my ear (wasnt much left of it anyways)
So I spoke with someone breifly this morning in NYC about the ehadaches.... They have gone down tremendously but are still here ..... She says its possible they can continue.
Was wondering if anyone elsse has had a successful surgery but is still having headaches. The "whooshing" is gone which is weird everything is quiet now.... but im still getting headaches ... I have to admit they are slightly better ... but still there and can at times be bad.

Just wonering ... and BTW Waner and Bernstein ... wonderful I have heard Waner doesnt have the best "bedside manner" but he was so nice ... he works with children all day how couldnt he ... and with a world known Dr. who cares about bedside manner just fix is ... so far mission completled... I think .....

Thanks guys sorry I havent been on Ive been laid out for ahile ... talk soon


I am glad your recovery is going well, K_leo. I hope the headaches continue to diminish over time. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!