Avm survivor shirts i can make

Hey everyone i know it is hard to get your tshirts you have ordered through the website or any other surviivor items. I have made me an AVM SURVIVOR shirt myself and it has came out pretty nice. I would love to start making some shirts to get the awareness out there. I just had my Gamma Knife surgery this past june and i really wanted a shirt..

Post a pic...I bet a lot of members will interested!

My daughter is having surgery tomorrow, Hoping to hear the word obliterated. I would love a shirt for her when that day comes!

Just the last couple of days I have been looking for one of these shirts! When can you have them done???

Great idea!

i would love one take care leandra

I would like to get one too!!!
If you can put or send me info, I really apreciated.

may I see the shirt? I want a Survivor T. Although I was considering the Tat.... The Tee shounds much less painful, although my affected arm doesn't feel much anyway! Where do I see a sample, and how do I get one??

thats would be cool. Cafepress do a decent way of doing shirts, mugs, etc?

Hello everyone sorry it has been a while I was actually told by me nuerosurgeon to stay off of here for a while so i listened to him lol...i posted a pic on my page of the avm tshirt i made here in my hometown for almost $25.00 LOVE IT and was made pretty fast they even have different color tshits i am looking at making a pink one also...check it out!!!

414-AVMSHIRTS.jpg (2 KB)

Hi Britt. I hope when your doctor told you to stay off this site that he just wanted you to move forward with life. This site is meant to be helpful not depressing! How have you been?