Avm walk san francisco 2012

Hi Tony and I are thinking of heading over to San Fran for the AVM awareness walk in May 2012

We were wondering if any dates have been locked in yet so we can make travel arrangements.

on another note. Tony had his AVM removed in Feb 2011. I feel so happy that he has made a 110% recovery. yes he is even better than before it was discovered. I just want thank everyone for all their support throughout the last year and a half. I know how much it means to Tony and he has been able to pass his support on to those newly diagonised.

I can only say that this site is a wonderful thing and appreciate how much it has done for Tony

thanks everyone


We know its too early for TAAF to contemplate next years walk, but if we miss it, would anyone like to meet up with us (Jenny and me) somewhere on the Streets of San Francisco, next May - perhaps a few of you locals up that way? We’ll be on a tight budget, but promise to be on our best behaviour!