AVM Walk T-shirts and Fundraising!

Drum roll please.....

We are very excited for this years fundraiser and it is finally LIVE!


Please visit our fundraising site and donate to receive your Tshirts, AVM Survivor edition Brainbows and Lion Snaps, pretty butterfly charms, Super cool AVM Art work, and so much more.

And really, you can EVEN "win" dinner with Ben!!! Who can resist that?

Please spread the word with your friends and family and help us have an awesome fundraiser this year. Our goal is $10,000. That's right TEN THOUSAND dollars.

And this is has a double benefit. We will be splitting all funds 80/20 to TAAF and to Ben's Friends. So your donation not only helps TAAF in their ongoing mission of being "Dedicated to bettering the lives, support networks, and medical care of those affected by aneurysm and other types of vascular malformation of the brain." But it also helps to support THIS group and all of the 24 networks and nearly 7500 members of the Ben's Friends Communities. Awesome right? How can you say no to support all of this super coolness?

We couldn't be more excited and hope you all are as well!


where can i find the new t-shirts or even last year's?

i cannot see this link http://http//www.indiegogo.com/AVMSurvivors and i dont know where and how to find see thenew t-shirt

Hey Niko- not sure why you can't open the link. It's our fundraising page... hmmm... try going just to www.indiegogo.com and then puting AVMSurvivors into the search box.

Let me know if that works.


Nikolaos Papadopoulos said:

where can i find the new t-shirts or even last year's?

i cannot see this link http://http//www.indiegogo.com/AVMSurvivors and i dont know where and how to find see thenew t-shirt

Quick update for everyone!

We are already up to $630 and 11 individual donations. Way to start this off!

T-shirts are the hot item of course…as if there was every any doubt! And there are already two requests for AVM Artwork. I personally have my eye on one of Ben’s designs and just need to get around to donating myself in order to snag it as mine!

I also finally received the little butterflies (in the middle above) and they are totally cute! I should also clarify that these are actually little pins that can be added to your shirt, purse, a hair clip, really anything you can think of. A little butterfly bling is totally going to make you (or your favorite girl) sparkle!

Don’t forget to keep spreading the word. Tell your friends and family how they can support you by helping us out. And they can leave a very nice “dedication” to YOU on the comment page like Andrea’s parents did. It’s sweet!

Thanks again for all of the love and support. We appreciate it all and can’t wait to see this fundraiser really take off!

Fundraiser update!

We are just $10 shy of $1200 on this beautiful Firday night! GO TEAM! Today's goal was to make it to $1000 and we exceeded that for sure. I'm going to just go ahead and be optimistic that this trend will continue and that ultimately we will also exceed our goal to make $10k :)

Take a moment to stop by the fundraising page at www.indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors as I've just posted a sneak peak at some of the Awesome AVM Art work that Bar Haim is working on. I totally am getting one. So excited to have a great original piece of art and made by an AVM survivor. LOVE it! And of course, this is where you get your T-shirt!

If you haven't already, don't forget to tell your friends and family to stop by and help us make our goal.

xoxo Shalon

What a GREAT idea! I love it.

So, can I donate 10 autographed books (Unstoppable Life) that my husband and I wrote and had published a few months ago - talking about my AVM bleed and recovery and how to live a better life?

How can I add that to the site? They're available on Amazon.com for $14.95, but you can charge whatever people will pay to raise money. I'll mail them to the 10 who buy them.

By the way, I'm going to the walk - it will be just after my re-birthday. It's my 1-year celebration!

Bump :slight_smile:

I would love a shirt as I do not know if I will make it to the walk. I have yet to go and want to someday soon. When I click the link it does not work. Thank you


I am so excited!!! Who all is coming? It’s coming up fast!

6 days and we start our drive to CA!!

Can someone put my books on the donation website so I can do my part? I've paid for the books and I'll pay for the shipping, so whatever someone will pay will be a total donation. They sell for $14.95 plus shipping on Amazon.com

Hope so meet some of you in San Francisco! :-)

Update- $2575 has been raised so far!

We are a quarter of the way to our goal of $10,000 and need your help in reaching it. I know these are tough economic times, but a $10.00 donation goes a long way. Imagine if all 3000 of our members had just $10.00 to donate? Imagine if everyone referred one friend to support them and this site with an additional $10.00 donation.

We can totally do this! Please visit the fundraising site at http://www.indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors and ask your friends and family to help out. We even have cool things to send you as a thanks! Who doesn't LOVE the Lion Snaps and Brainbows. They are awesome!

Update- $2610 raised! Help us reach our $10,000 mark! Donate here- http://www.indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors We’ve had a great start to the fundraising, let’s keep the momentum going!

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Three new donations today! Yay! Total raised so far is now up to $2648! Keep it coming team :slight_smile:

Just under $3000 so far! Who's going to put us over that mark?!?!? Come on someone needs a Tshirt? Or a virtual hug from me?

xoxo Shalon

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This week seems like a great week for donations. And really, today is going pretty well all on it’s own! We are nearly at the $3000 mark which is wonderful. Still a ways to go to meet our target. We are so very grateful to everyone who has helped us get this far!

And how awesome is Sir Liam for donating not only his money, but his fun and pretty items to strangers! That is absolutely the sign of a generous soul. And I for one love him for it :)

Two days until we WALK! Getting very excited. And how SUPER cute is my Brainbow adorning my purse? Ladies, it’s the new fashion I’m tellin ya!


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Getting ready to Walk!!! Had a great night last night at Pizza with a large group of AVMer's. Love you all!

I am looking forward to getting my T. shirt. How long will it take to receive it?

I wish the walk was in Atlantic City!

I want to order a t-shirt but it didnt give a choice for a size?

Can anyone tell me why i am not receiving my Tshirts?after so long