AVM? Will I ever feel normal again?

Hi, Loz-
I’m Brian (42). Had my AVM almost exactly 2 years ago. I’ve had radiostactic surgery and am anxiusly waiting for the obliteration to occur. My AVM was also small (only 3cm) but caused a lot of problems when it bled on my brain stem.

Two years later I still have double vision, crappy balance, forgetfulness and fatigure- but I am ALIVE!!! Loving life, working normally and continuing to enjoy a great 12 year partnership with my partner, Chris.

Because mine bled out so unexpectedly, I never had a chance to be mad before it happened. Afterwards? Definitely! mad as hell, but I got over it. Definitely feel vulnerable. Everytime I get a headache or feel lightheaded I wonder if its happening again. Yet, I try to remain positive and not obsess over it.

I hope you can be patient with your body as it heals. Love your partner and your life. If I can ever lend a caring ear, feel free to write.