AVM will stay

Hello eveyone, first time blogging just want to share I found out my AVM is located in my temporal lobe on the right side. Thats why I hear noise from my left ear. Also I believe thats the reason I have a memory problem. I would pray to God why I cannot remember some things like every else. Someone told me at work the other day my son must get his smartness from his dad. I do not consider myself a dumb person but I just can not remember some things. I consider myself a work in process. My AVM will not be remove because of its location it could cause me problems on the left side of my body. So I’ll live with the noise coming from my left hear. I will just have a yearly MRI.

What an awful thing for that person at work to say! I agree with you that memory issues are NOT the same thing as being “dumb” One thing that sometimes helps people get in the right frame of mind is to always state the case in terms of what you DO, not in terms of what you CAN’T do… For example, saying “I need to write these things down to remember them” instead of “I have to write that down because I have a bad memory.” I know that probably applies to only a few situations, but I hope it’s something you can use.

Hi Jonel45. A lot of members here choose to monitor their AVM yearly. At least now you have a plan. We are all a work in progress…no one is perfect. I will continue praying for you.

mine was corrected… but lived with a bruit noise for almost 10 years while dr after dr misdiagnosed me… I thought I would go insane… seriously I feel for you… I had to keep music and tv on loud constantly even sleeping… after my surgery it was an strange silence had to get used to it… hope you can correct this some day… horrible like dripping water torture for me.

I’m so sorry you received that horrible remark from someone. Obviouslt they don’t understand but that’s still no excuse for them saying that to you. I hope things get better and hope that you have the support you need. Best to you.

Isnt that noise the most annoying thing to hear? I call it my heartbeat in my ear. And what a horrible thing for that person to have said to you. We are all special in our own way, and just because we cant remember things does not make us dumb. I would say that person would be the dumb one for saying something so silly and insensitive!
Good luck in the future and keep smiling (even through dumb comments!)

Maria xx

Thank you guys for all the positive responses.