I am Bob. I was diagnosed with an AVM about12 yrs ago, 23 years after my first seisures began (the Doc just forgot to order an MRI). I have chose not to have surgury and most fortunately am able to function fairly normal with medication. At 63 yrs old I would like to connect with anyone who is in same category and any suggestions as to where to persue more research info on the matter. Do we mellow out as we age?

thanks so much,


Hi Robert. Do you remember the actress Sandy Duncan. She is blind in one eye due to fact the hospital back in the 1970s did not even have a CAT scan machine. In 1988 there was

only one MRI machine in Atlanta GA and it was one dimensional. Give yourself a pat on the back because 1976 was a long time ago and you are still with us!!! A true survivor!!!!

Thanks Barbara,

The word survivor sound severe. Are AVM inflicted people generally in a much more unfortunate condition?


AVMs usually occur in about 1% of the population. If you have an AVM bleed...it can be bad. Treatment options are a very personal decision. I know several people on here who decided that doing nothing was their best plan! We even have a sub-group on here called Inoperable AVMs. Some people live their entire lives without an AVM bleeding.

The word survivor has a more positive connotation than the word victim. Don't worry not everything on here is doom and gloom!


Thanks once again you are very helpful. Do you know how I can connect with those on here who have chosen no physical intervention or if any other methods have been sxercised such as meditation, exercise, foods, ect?

I guess I should just post this questions?


I say post the question and see who answers it. I am betting at least 2 of my friends on here will answer by tonight!!

Dear Bob,

I am Gaetan Azzopardi from Malta.

I'm sure I'm in your same position.

Please contact me.

Thank you

Best regards