AVMs and hypertension

Hi, I wanted to see if anybody here experienced the same situation as me. For the past 8 years I have had hard to control elevated blood pressure. I don’t have a family history nor do I have any sort of lifestyle that would cause this. So I’ve been on various meds over those 8 years, trying to control it.

I went to my PCP, a heart specialist, a kidney specialist, got all of the common tests that could cause this. They all came back negative.

So 2 months ago my DAVF was detected (bleed) and I had it obliterated via coil embolization.

Ever since then, my Bp has been is a very good range and is the lowest its ever been since I started tracking it 8 yrs ago (117/75). I am still on my same BP meds as before the bleed.

Have any of you experienced this? The dr says since DAVFs are so rare there aren’t studies to track this sort of thing.

Conversely I never had a high blood pressure until 14 years ago , AFTER my brain avm exploded and the coiling, radiation and craniotomy to excise it . I’ve been on BP medication ever since . I hope you have the best possible results . Be good to you . Take care of you .

I had the same result. My blood pressure was jumping all over the place, sometimes into very high numbers. It's down significantly since the surgery

Thanks for your reply Jim. Were you on BP meds prior to the surgery, and able to get off of them after? I'm going to start trying to ween off of mine and see if that works.

I have been on BP meds for a number of years now but I wished after having my AVM removed my BP would go down. I am still on these meds and my BP goes up without them.

Hi, everytime GP visit they took my blood pressure but none mentioned anything about high blood until
the discovered of my AVM(Feb'15), i was told i'm having high blood pressure.
I'm taking med since then but recently my BP seem to be at 110/75 (average)or even lower. Now i reduce my dose & monitor it everyday.

(Does it means my AVM gonna recover??? PRAY HARD) lol