Avm's and polycystic kidney disease

Does any one have an avm because of polycystic kidney disease?

I read on the internet that polycystic kidney disease does not have severe symptoms, they say that it could be a urinary track infection, headaches or back aches or kidney stones, other things can occur too… My 23 year old just had a baby and she has been diagnosed with kidney stones. I have had everything I mentioned, except the kidney stones. I did not think my avm was hereditary, now I’m starting to wonder about the polycystic kidney disease causing avms to be hereditary.
Please let me know if anyone knows how to find out if you have a avm because you have polycystic kidney disease or is it just congenial. I feel a little worried for my girls.

Look up HHT. Most Dr and people say no it is not hereditar but yes thier are familys that do have a lot of AVM’s.
I do not know any thing about the kidney diesease. learn as much as you can and go with comman sence and a clear head. Sorry my spelling is not good at times. Good luck hope to talk more.

Thanks Daniel, good advice !!!


Hi there,
I have a history of bilateral renal AVMs. Meaning multiple AVMs on both kidneys. My symptoms were somewhat similar to kidney stones and UTIs however they only diagnosed the renal AVMs after a flexible cystoscopy. I have been told my condition is hereditary however no one else in my family have any such medical issues.

Not sure if the above helps at all. But all the best for you and your daughter.

Thanks, yes it helps.

My AVM was in the brain, I guess it is not contagious. I don’t really know.