AVM's and SCUBA diving

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99% of me already knows this is out of the question (pressure/hemorrhage/seizures) but has anyone inquired about this?

i’m not able to see my doctor for a while, so i wanted to know if anyone else knows the answer.

i feel pressure in my brain at 2m and freak out, so i doubt i can withstand 20 or 30. and the seizure thing, i know. but does anyone have a definite answer?

I dont know much about that one,wish I could help!! Im sorry,I do hope some answer your question,be safe with that diving ok:)

I would have to say defiantly not! It just doesn’t sound like the right thing to do…i mean they tell you to stay away from certain medications and etc so I assume that this is out also. Anything that is likely to cause pressure or bleeding in the brain. I wouldn’t do it…but I am sure you already know that and want to know what we think. It is something that I always wanted to do…and actually until now I never really thought about the fact of the pressure and etc…so I guess it is out for me to.

My doc told me definitely no scuba diving. But I am going back to see her next month and will ask for a confirmation on this and get back to you

I’d love to hear what she says.
But yeah, I knew it would be a no but I just wanted to check, hoping my gut was wrong.

:confused: such a shame. it would be a very unique experience.

i’m just wondering if when they AVM is gone, that i could go then but i suppose i still would have an ‘unstable’ brain. bah!

No problem :slight_smile:

Hi Cathrine, I’d say it’s a no no especially if you get pressure at 2m.
Not something I’ve thought about as it’s to bloody cold in Scotland :slight_smile:

I was told by my doctor no scuba diving period. I was actually in the British Virgin Islands and was scheduled to do it but the weather prevented me from doing so. I never thought to ask my doctor. I told him about it at my next visit and he said it would be a high risk for me to even try and not to do it. I agree it would be such a neat experience.

Hi Catherine,
There’s a few issues with scuba diving.
I was told if you had a craniotomy - no diving for 12 months.
If you’re on anti-seizure medication - no diving until been off meds for 12 months and seizure free.
Having said that…the doctor knows best!

The pressure you experience in the brain may just be the normal pressure you feel on the ears and sinuses when going under water. There is no air under the skull, it’s fluid filled, so pressure won’t make a difference. However, after a craniotomy the bones need plenty of time to heal before diving ( same as a broken arm/leg).

I went through all this after my craniotomy in June-2004. Luckily I wasn’t on meds and was seizure free.
My neurosurgeon gave me the all clear to dive in April-2005.
I then had to see a diving doctor to get the all clear, who was initally VERY reluctant but finally came around.

Since then I’ve done all sorts of diving…tropical reefs, deep ship wrecks, divemaster and am now into cave diving.

Finally - here’s a couple of sites about contraindications to diving.


Good luck!!

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: That was really informative.

No, they stabilise the cabin pressure in aeroplanes.

Kiera said:

So…with regards to the question about pressure…

is it ok to fly with an AVM?

Wouldn’t the pressure problem be similar?

Kiera said:

So…with regards to the question about pressure…

is it ok to fly with an AVM?

Wouldn’t the pressure problem be similar?

I asked the doctor yesterday about scuba diving and roller coasters and he said after recovery he could do those things. He has never had seizures and his AVM is gone now, but I’m going to ask Dr. Spetzler and Dr. Chang they are the main docs. The one I asked was one of Dr. Spetzler’s residences.