Awesome Donations!

Just wanted to make sure to recognize everyone who is donating to TAAF for the 5th Annual Aneurysm & AVM walk in SF. It is so great to see all of our AVM family helping to support this organization and of course to help us reach our goal!

So far we owe a big thank you to the following people-

Jill Colaluca- thank you SO much for being our first donation.

Scott- We can always count on you. You're awesome.

Jennifer Aiken- we are so glad you could help too! :)

Shalon- well I can't thank myself!!! Sure I can...I'll just pat myself on the back too.

Camellia and Family- Wow, our biggest donation to date. You guys are awesome, all of you!

Kim- what a great AVM mom you are. We are sure going to miss you this year. Next year for sure!

Do you want to donate as well? You can do so through our First Giving Fundraising Page by clicking on the link here or the "Donate!" button on the left side of our home page.

Our goal is $10,000 for TAAF through donations and sales of Tshirts. Help us out!

We have a long way to go until we reach our goal. Be sure to help us spread the word by easily sharing our fundraising page through your facebook, twitter, and email accounts. It's simple as there are cute little buttons for each of these on the First Giving Fundraising Page.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us in this walk!

AVM Survivors Official Walk Team!

A new thank you to Ben for making a donation! Our fearless leader says he loves us, and well we LOVE him too!

(I’m currently busting out singing “we are family!”…in my head only of course. Wouldn’t want to scare everyone in the office. I will admit to doing a quick snappy dance sitting here though.)

More donations and more Thanks to give!!!

bb-$100 to celebrate 29days AVM free! Awesome, and we do hope to see you next year so we can celebrate your first anniversary with you :slight_smile:

Nancy & Gene Stewart $100 to support their beautiful niece Jaclyn! and I have to agree, she is super cute! Will miss her this year at the walk!

The Ankrom family $100- Health, Love, Peace, and Happiness right back atcha! Thanks for the donation!

YAY! We are getting there!

Shalon said:

More donations and more Thanks to give!!!

bb-$100 to celebrate 29days AVM free! Awesome, and we do hope to see you next year so we can celebrate your first anniversary with you :slight_smile:

Nancy & Gene Stewart $100 to support their beautiful niece Jaclyn! and I have to agree, she is super cute! Will miss her this year at the walk!

The Ankrom family $100- Health, Love, Peace, and Happiness right back atcha! Thanks for the donation!

Donation Update!

Received $2.00 from Jem over the weekend! Every little bit helps. Thanks so much.

Our biggest donation to date- $200 from Connie and Russ Kirkpatrick, Jaclyn’s wonderful grandparents! That is one loved girl for sure:) Thanks Connie and Russ for helping us out.

Keep them coming!!!

Two more donations just came in, and these are personal ones that I would like to extend a little extra special thank you.

Deb- my old work buddy who has supported me forever, and who never forgets a birthday! Thanks for the $25.00

Mary- one of my first Feel Good Gown Customers! How very awesome that she would not only extend such a caring gift of a pretty hospital gown to her friend Mimi, but to make a donation of $25 to help me, a virtual stranger, in support of AVM Awareness. The world is so lucky to have people like Mary!

2 new donations today! Please keep them coming! Only 25 days left until the walk in San Francisco! Please give what you can as alittle bit from each one of us will make a HUGE impact in our lives!

Thank you to both the Tejeda and the Steinke families!
Jana Tejeda is a high school friend and great supporter of Shalon’s! THANKS JANA!

Also a great big THANK YOU to one of our avm mom’s Cathy! Danielle wore a Feel Good Gown made by Shalon to her treatment last week. Thanks again to the Steinke family!

We got another $25!!! Thank you so much to Mike and Beckie Hones who are friends of Jaclyn’s grandparents and have made such a nice donation in her honor.

We are close to the $1000 mark! Just a few more donations to hit this first milestone. Has everyone checked out our fundraising site? It’s so easy to email, post on facebook, and spread through twitter! Please take a moment to help us in our fundraising efforts by spreading the word to your friends and family. Every little bit helps!

Three new donations!!! And we have jumped over the $1000 mark! 10% of the way to our goal of $10k…yes it’s a lofty goal, but we love our AVMers and want to raise as much awareness as possible!

Thanks Derek for your $25 donation! I’m in 100% agreement that AVM Survivors are AWESOME!

Andrea- you are such a great AVM mom to donate $50 in honor of your son Andrew!

Toni- thanks for the $50! We love you too :slight_smile:

We have 3 more weeks exactly to raise funds! Have you taken a moment to make a donation??? Every little bit helps! $5, $10…whatever you can spare will take us that much closer to our goal and will of course go directly to TAAF to continue their research and support!

Thanks to everyone for the donations!

Thanks Neens for your $50 contribution to our walking fund. And yes, we DO ROCK! :slight_smile: We are going to miss you this year, but are counting on seeing you next year maybe!?!?!?

What a great start to a Monday morning :slight_smile: Two donations have brought our total up to $1267.00 raised! We are making our way toward that goal with each and every donation!

Thanks to Paula Replogle for the generous $100 in honor of her beautiful granddaughter Jaclyn!

Our very own Alireza sending us love in the form of $25 all the way from Iran! Thanks, and sending love right back to you :slight_smile:

We have another donator to add to the “$100 club!”

Thanks to our lovely JazsiRose for the $100 donation to support all of us! And I just have to second your note- This IS for us. :slight_smile:

Wow! The “$100 club” is a hit! Who else wants to join???

Thank you to Stephen and Dede Hudson for the $100 contribution! This place and these people, they do become family. We really are a wonderful support community and I’m not afraid to say it!

Our beautiful Jaclyn has another donation in her honor! Thanks to Michael McDermott for the $50 support!

Three more awesome donations!!!

Thanks Lianne for the very cool $50.00 donation! We wish you were here with us also. I’m gonna hold you to next year sister!

Debbie- Thanks so much for the $5.00. Everything helps and we are just glad to have your name showing on our Donors list!

And we also received $36.00 from Marilyn Pearce! We are happy for your donation and grateful for Karen’s recovery too! It’s so nice when the donations are tied to happy stories :slight_smile:

And we have another donation!!!

Thanks so much to my dear old friend John Ward for the $50 donation! If you guys think I’m a smiler…you should all be so lucky to witness one of his. John’s smile will brighten any day and make everyone happy!

There is still time to help raise funds for TAAF! Please be sure to post our donations link on your facebook page, send it out in emails, and help spread the word!

We only have a few days until the walk! It’d be great if we could get some more donations coming in! Have you all posted on facebook? Emailed your friends and families? Tweeted? Just getting the word out there is important. There will be someone you know that wants to help, even in a small way!

Speaking of getting more donations, we just got an $18 donations from Stephanie Freeman! Thanks Steph. We love when the “Done-er’s” still find it important to support us. You’ve been there and done that in ways that some of us are still facing. And your success provides such inspiration and encouragement to people. So thank you thank you!

Two more BIG ones!!!

Thanks to the Sordahls for the $118! $100 dollars plus $18 dollars to represent the 18 treatments Allison had to cure her VM! Can’t wait to see you guys for the walk in a few day!

And an anonymous shout out to a very special donation of $300! Largest single donation to date. And I know who made this donation…one of our own members here on the board! So thank you thank you to a wonderful and generous anonymous!

We walk today :slight_smile: It’s going to be great fun and we wish you all could be there with us.

Kim posted the $573 donation from bracelet sales! Awesome contribution from all of you who bought one and will proudly wear it to raise awareness. :slight_smile:

Herdis & Alan Astwood donated $20.00 to support our walk. They already support me during my Denver trips by showing us all the cool restaurants! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Glenda and Lee Gilmore couldn’t join us for the walk again this year, but are still showing the love with a donation of $50! Love my family!

And it’s not too late, if you can make a donation, do it now! :slight_smile:

Two more donations came in today. That’s right AVMers, it’s not too late! If you would still like to donate to TAAF you can do so on our fundraising page!

We received a very nice donation today for $10.00 in honor of Andrew K for his birthday! Thanks Karen for the very nice birthday gift to him :slight_smile:

And a very generous donation came in today from the Post Chronicle Corp. A huge boost to our fundraising effort with their addition of $1300.00. Yes that’s right I said $1300.00! How cool is that?!?!?! We must all go over and be sure to read their latest stories, and keep them as our new favorite News Organization. It’s the least we can do, right? Take a quick trip over to see them here-