Back from hospital (jan 6 th ) embolization

well thanks for all the prayers everyone ! it was a sucess they glued my veins and said all was good, so we will see in 3 months when they do another angeogram. Im having no pain since this morning. I feel very good. and not only cause its my birthday !!! no pain !! I got the ok to fly on vacation to st. lucia in febuary, doctor said I should be fine to fly. so I m happy. this trip is for my 25 th wedding anniversary. we waited till feb to book trip. my brother flew up from florida to see me and was at the hospital with my wife this morning to get me. I was very happy to have them both with me. I thank the lord for being with me during all these trying times. and a priest gave me, my wife and brother "doug " communion this morn in the hospital and we were very happy for that. the power and compassion of the lord is an amazing allie to have on our side . along with our loved ones. ill talk to everyone real soon.

Laurie thats great news, i am so pleased for you.
Now girl get packing and you and Richie have a fab time on holiday.
And since it’s still the 7th over here

okay guys the above was my husband logged into my account again…thank you all

Congratulations on your successful embo Laurie!
You’re my inspiration for my own upcoming surgery… a nice trip afterwards sounds great, I think I’ll have to do something like that as well when I’m fixed :slight_smile:
St. Lucia will be wonderful for your anniversary!