Back to school after AVM

Yesterday was a big day for Cassie she may not have realized how big, as all her friends were coming and hugging her. She was smiling ear to ear and just plain happy to be there. I remember being in the hospital when the AVM happened and her not walking and thinking ahead for the school year, I was worrying so much! How was she going to handle anything else that came her way? When she started to walk with the walker and then cane and brace, still wondering will she be able to go to school in the fall? Kids are so mean at this age, what if someone plows into her? Will she be able to hold everything? Laptop, backpack? Will she be ready? Emmotionally, Physically, mentally? Will the summer be enough time for her to get better? This will be her last year in Jr. High, will she be able to graduate with her 8th grade class? All she talked about was going back to school, again I am worrying. Time and time again I was worried and was praying to God to please help her get back to where she was, everyday. She did get stronger everyday and soon the cane and brace were gone, she started to smile again. I felt better. All the therapists would say she is strong, she is recovering from the stroke, brain surgery and everything else that has come her way. I would just nod. I realized I was witnessing a miracle in front of me. So as she was back to school with all her supplies, my husband and I got to see her attend the first day of school, with no cane and no brace but never forget the journey she has been on and is continuing everyday to get stronger and better. It was a GREAT day, She is well aware this year will be a challenge for her and we are continuing to pray for her daily. She and I spoke yesterday of this and she said yes Mom, it was a great day for me! I am wishing you all the best in your recoveries, and to your families who love you so much! Have a great day!

With Love,

Cynthea :)

Spectacular!! That makes me so happy. What a strong girl you have!! From this experience she will have wisdom far beyond her age. Kids can be cruel, but she fought the war and won. Just putting the pieces back together. I think through this, whether your the parent, friend, partner, survivor, or the fighter, we get a better grasp on whats important in life. The prize is we get another day to smile, to laugh, to love with the people that are the most important to us. Thank you for your post. It really inspired me.

Give my congratulations to Cassie. School will heal her even more…being with her friends and learning!

I have tears in my eyes…what a strong daugher you have and God bless… I hve twins her again and it can be a difficult age but in the end she will be amazingly strong! Congrats! xoxo Mare