Bad day!

yesterday was the worse i have ever felt since the surgery. i have never felt like this. This was the worse day i have ever had. I woke up at 1am in so much pain I had to take a pain pill at least thats what i hope i took, i hurt so bad i had a hard time seeing and nobody would wake up. The one nite i need help every one sleep like a rock. Which is ok they all have been on edge since I have had the surgery i think that was their first good night of sleep in 2 weeks. But anyways I got up in the mornnig dizzy and nauseated as all get out. So just layed in bed for a while until it passed, then decided to take a shower didn’t even make it thru washing my hair when it hit full force and it brought me to my knees n had to finish washing my hair that way which made it worse. trying to get dressed that was a joke to. the rest of the was pretty much the same way no matter what i did it made me dizzy and nauseated. I new i would have times like that but did not know it would last all day. I think I spent most of the day crying, dizzy and nauseated and wrestling 4 kids. I don’t know if i can keep doing this. I hope it doesn’t last much longer or that i have to many days like this. Does any one else have days like this after surgery???

Oh Tonna…it does get better, but it will take time. Do you have family/friends or others that can help you daily with the kids? I will pray that things get better soon.