Balance problems

I am so happy that I found this website for I never realized some of my issues may be related to my AVM -- I have been experiencing balance problems for many years and in thinking about when they commenced , it coincided with the discovery of my AVM about 15 years ago. It has been getting worse and my doctor just contributes it to "my age" -- now, in looking at some of the topics on this site, I find it may be directly related to my AVM -----

I am just curious to see if any of you experienced balance issues too, and any suggestions you may have in dealing with them.

It is so embarrasing ----- my grandkids think I am a real "klutz" for I almost fall every time I try to climb the bleechers at their baseball games.

Thanks for your input ----- now I feel "validated" with some of my concerns.


Yes, my wife has balance issues. Part of it is from a leg muscle deficit following an embolization.

Yoga helps her some. But the best improvements came from finding out which specific muscles didn’t work (signals from the brain gone, leading to atrophy), then finding an EXCELLENT personal trainer. Our trainer knew what muscles she could develop to help compensate for the ‘dead’ ones. It takes more than a sweaty gym rat to know this–the pt has to know the body well.

Chari walks much better now than before. Still has to work on those new muscles a lot, but its worth it.

Good luck,