I am always off-balance Any ideas or suggestions? My body has trouble balancing I always feel like I’m going to tip over Has anyone found a good solution to this?? Now that Spring is finally here I would love to gewt out and walk in the fresh air! I feel so precarious like I’m drunkI can’t balance so my gait is all awkwardThankyou. Nicole in Pennsylvania

Hi Nicole. I’m off balance all the time also. I went to a balance therapist that my neurologist sent me to. Basically his therapy involved subjecting myself to off balance situations to kind of see if I would just get used to it. Didn’t work. The therapist wasn’t sure it would, but was trying to offer something. I wish I could offer some advice, but I"m kind of in the same boat as you. Good luck but hang in there either way.

Hi, I’m also a Nicole with some balance problems!! My physical therapist said to go to the gym and stand on the bosu for 60 seconds at a time. The bosu is that thing that looks like a yoga ball cut in half and on a sturdy base. You can buy it at Target in the fitness section but they run $100… Maybe call around to used sporting goods stores and see if they have one, you might get lucky!!

Thank you I know exactly what you are talking about!!!! The excercise ball that looks like a UFO with the ball cut in half and the disc. ?Target has them?

Thank you!! I think they are good for slimming the core too, and who can't benefit from a little core slimming??!!

Hi Nicole,

I suffered from horrible cerebellum vertigo as a result of my AVM bleed. Literally, I would turn my head too quickly and the world would start to shake. My doctor put me on a medication called Antivert but I was also told if I ever ran out I could take a benedryl to have similar effects. My vertigo has gotten much better with just time, although I still fall down and lose my balance a lot. I find the best thing I can do is to explain to the people who love me that I have a balance issue and continue to go on as best I can.

Yes that’s it exactly and I didn’t even know it had a name, yes they are good for your core. Now that you mention it, maybe I should invest in one…

Nicole L. Hulbert said:

Thank you I know exactly what you are talking about!!!! The excercise ball that looks like a UFO with the ball cut in half and the disc. ?Target has them?

Thank you!! I think they are good for slimming the core too, and who can't benefit from a little core slimming??!!

Hi, Nicole. I have the same issue...in fact, I just started a new discussion on the topic. Have you had any progress with this since you last posted? If you'd like, take a look at my post, and see if any of it sounds familiar. I would appreciate any information/advice you can give me.

Hi Nicole - I have very, very poor balance...I need to use some type of walking aid when I walk for now. It's been just under 4 years since my emergency crani/bleed, so unsure if I will regain that...plus I'm getting older (balance issues develop as you age) and my AVM was in the cerebellum (the location of balance and coordination in the brain).

I've tried the bosu a few times, and I was so bad off that I had severe difficulty just getting on - not staying on, but getting on - I know.

My imbalance mixed with a touch of vertigo - that I just am getting used to) = need for a walker or wheelchair...I think a totally different mind-set.

Anyway, my motto is try, try again...and you know the old saying different strokes for different folks.

No matter what you decide, I'm pretty persistant...some prefer the term, hard-headed...tomatoe-ta(mah)toe...but it does have some value in keep on keepin' on.

::::: looking into the ufo thingey as well ::::::

Julie I'm with you on the Bosu thing. I couldn't even get on it let alone stand on it for 60 seconds. It's pretty humorous actually!

Did anyone who was able to use the bosu find it helpful for your balance issues? I'm thinking of trying it too, but hate to put the money out.

Thanks julie, I needed a good laugh anyway! I will get a Bosu, although I remember falling off one, pre -stroke, which doen't give me much hope... Anway, I'm adverturous, or ambitious, or downright stupid, so i will in fact give it a try! Possibly a You Tube video in the making?... Or an event that beer will make better, as long as it stays in my mouth! NOT out my nose!! It will probably take me awhile to gather the courage to test drive tis disaster! but if I video, i will post, because!! Laughter is the Best Medicine!

It helped, but I think finding other cheaper ways is better. The bosu I saw was $100! I had to stand on my mattress to change the light bulb in my room last week and that gave me a better workout for balance than the bosu, but the fall might be worse, so I can't recommend that either...

LOL...I think I will stick to a used one...our bed is pretty high. :)

Hi, if the bosu ball proves to be too much starting out, try stepping on pillows that have been placed on the floor. And then bending your knees and shifting your weight. And I know your mother told you to never stand on the furniture or the bed but…the sofa cushions provide a surface with give to them and are not a stable platform. (make sure you have someone with you, after all we are discussing poor balance) A bed mattress is also a good place to try to maintain your balance on and it is soft if you loose your balance. Again please have someone with you. One thing that helped me with my balance is walking and maintaining a straight line (or trying to) while keeping your head turned to the side too look at something.



I found a traditional acupuncturist.After 6 sessions I was back o normal.Stay away from natural paths/acupuncturists/chiropractors/voodoo doctors if you get what I mean.
Good luck.

Do you guys have the dizziness all day? Seems like I wake up fine, but within a short time, its back again. And would you also describe is as a "swishy" or "light-headed" or "faint" or "woozy" feeling? I am really worried this isn't normal.