Balloon microcatheter and onyx

Any comments in balloon microcatheter and onyx embolization? Mine is next tuesday and love to hear your feedback.

Can't recall the type of glue used, but my wife had several embolizations. For her, recovery was pretty quick. Very tired from overnighting in ICU, then discharged. She usually slept most of the release day, then we took it easy the next day, then back to pretty normal after that. She did 3 or 4 in a row, one week apart.

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I have had 2 done. Make sure they send you home on a dose pack of steroids to prevent any swelling. They didn't send me home on any the second time and I ended back in the hospital because of swelling on my brain. I don't think it would have happened if I would have been the second time. But I didn't think to ask. My husband said the second round did me worse than the first because I didn't act "right" when we left the hospital. But overall it definantly was not that bad. They put me to sleep so I didn't know anything till it was all over with. I had to stay overnight in nuero ICU which is the common protocol just to monitor you closer. Then they usually let you go home the next day.

My son had onyx embolization. He was petty out of it after the procedure. However the onyx made him very nauseated. He was back at home the next day feeling tired. But was pretty much back to normal but was on limited physical activity. Best wished to you.

Hi Ron, thanks for you message. Hopefully my recovery goes pretty quick as well.

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the advice on the steroids, will ask my Dr. This is something new for me.


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Thank you so much for the info, I will need to ask what will be the limits to my physical activities just to be on the same side.

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Hello Joha
Good luck and stay positive. I did have both glue and onyx embolisms at the same time and all has been pretty good it was almost a 1.5 yrs ago. I was under for 7 hours and I think that caused some pain problems but I went back to work three months later.

My AVM was treated with 5 embolizations with Onyx from Mar 2012 thru Sept 2012. The AVM had many and large feeder vessels so by the fourth treatment the docs used microcathers to access the most difficult areas . The 5th try was unsuccessful because of the position of the vessels so a final attempt was made. 90% of the Avm was finally emboli zed , however I had a brain bleed in December . I have aphasia and apraxia that shows stead.y improvement. Even with the bleed, I would do the proceedures again because overall, I believe the procedures will protect my brain from further damage.

Thanks to all for your messages, tomorrow is the day. I’ll keep you updated.