Beating dark days

We all have those days where our situations get the best of us. Some days it’s easier to turn it around and some days it seems near impossible. Those harder days make me mad because I feel like it’s a wasted day of the life I’m so fortunate to still have. For me yoga or listening to music are a big help.

What helps you out of a slump? Please share because maybe someone else could try it too.

Hi Holly
Guess my situation is a bit different to yours as in my case its my son I’m worried about…but I like to get in the car on my own, put on a few sad songs that remind me of that awful time, cry my eyes out, and then go back feeling a bit better. I think if you have a bad day you have to give in to it, to a certain extent, to be able to move on from it.

I can only imagine being a mom watching her child go through all this. I have to agree with you about giving in. Funny that I have done that in my driveway on occasion. My worst days are usually when I am not feeling well enough to drive and don’t want my son to be present to my mini breakdown. Thank you for sharing. Hope Jake is doing well. :slight_smile:

Hi Holly,

Yes, there are ‘those days!’ :slight_smile:

For starters, I need a good night of restful sleep, otherwise…ugh!:frowning:

Besides checking in w/my friends here & chatting on the ph w/longtime friend & survivor, Mike Guarino,
music, reading & just spending quiet time (especially) outside in nice weather is calming & relaxing.

As my friend frgeo reminded me yesterday of the beauty in Fall seasonal changes, it’s often the simple pleasures of life that help bring me joy.

Thanks Patti for sharing. Sometimes I let my moods get the best of me and become blind by the simple things. I did have an ‘aha’ moment last night when my teenager sat to watch some tv with me. Just having him in my presence is a mood lifter. I can’t wait for the crisp fall weather to come! I also think it’s wonderful you have a great survivor friend. It must be so comforting like it is to connect here. :slight_smile:

Hi Holly, what a great way to help others --> thank you for starting this discussion!!! I also agree that we sometimes just have to give in to it. When I am having a difficult day, I try to medidate about how great it is going to feel when this is all going to be behind us one day and we’ll still be here helping others as “survivors” :)!!! When I have my bad days, I find myself reaching for my faith which has gotten me thru so much of this trial God put into my life. I’m also very grateful to have the most wonderful support group around me of family and friends who look to brighten my day when they can tell I am having a difficult one! One of Rick Warren’s quotes stuck in my mind after reading “The Purpose Driven Life” which I find myself repeating alot these days – “Experience is not what happens TO you; it’s what you do with what happens to YOU; don’t waste your pain and use it to help others”!. I hoping that everyone has a bright weekend and can enjoy the simple pleasures (like Patti said) that can brighten our darkest days.

HUGS to all!!

Hi Holly. I volunteer at a local animal shelter. The dogs and cats need sooooo much love…totally rewarding!

Thanks for sharing Barbara! I wish I weren’t allergic! I love the idea though! I puppy sit for a hair dog on occasion and he makes me so happy. Volunteering in general is a great idea. Maybe at a retirement home or local library. I have volunteered at the local food bank around the holidays and find that rewarding.

Thanks for starting this chat. I thought I was alone. I also have cancer. I fight depression every day of my life. I belong to a wonderful church where I live. I go there three times a week. I have also started walking alot. I just put on my leg braces, get my cane and start walking. I moved to a small town a short time ago and now I am finally getting out and meeting people. When I cannot get out and walk or go to church I turn on the music and try to keep myself busy doing something. Otherwise I begine to fall back into that depression again. GOD has kept us here for some reason, and I intend to find out what it is. All of us need to keep our chins up. GOD bless us all.

What a great post Holly :slight_smile:
For me, my animals are a huge help for my spirit and my heart. I have 5 cats and two dogs. My dogs are 2 and 3 years old and my cats range in age from 17- 5 months old. They’re so entertaining. Reading helps as well. I lose focus and sometimes have to read things multiple times before it puts a dent in my noggin but I keep going anyway. I go to the gym many times a week (if possible depending on how I feel). I go and walk on the treadmill. I’m not into the weight lifting and things like that but just being out helps. I’m a volunteer at my church so I keep God close. Best to you and I understand the hard days. In my mind, they help me appreciate the good days just a bit more. Take care and God bless you.

That’s so awesome of you to be doing Barbara :slight_smile:

I agree, until recently I have had more bad days than good. My new meds have helped.I have slacked on my yoga lately and music is a daily thing for me. I know that the bad days have out weighed the good and it seems bleek at times. Hugs :slight_smile:

Before all this happened I used to relieve my stress by going to the gym…now my neurologist recommended to stop going to the gym…You can imagine my frustration not going to the gym it was the only thing that I love to do…Anyways I been reading (joyce meyer) books it kind help or play with my son…Im not going to deny I do cry once in while it takes away my frustration…BUT I had to learned that it will not be the same…That I had a second chance to live…My friend have faith and patience everything will be okay…Good luck with you journey…

Hey Holly,

I have to talk about it with people I trust and I must have a good cry. I think about life and say to myself it could be worse so enjoy every second! I have also found alot of comfort in starting a foundation to support the hospital who has helped me believe I can get my life back. I am planning a Gala and through this process I have meet so many amazing people!

Great ideas and inspiration everyone! Keep the ideas coming. :slight_smile: