Beats per minute after avm removal

I’ve noticed that sometimes my bpm is low and other times it goes above 100… I had my avm removed 1 month and 2 weeks ago. I am still taking things slow from what I am used to but I am curious where my heart rate should be around so I know I am not over doing… thank you for reading!

Hi there I have to say this cant be answered in my opinion as every one is different and the AVM has nothing to do with the heart etc…for example someone could be really healthy AVM wise but have a poor diet, overweight etc etc and have their heart work harder than required… The best advice i could give is to get your cardiovascular side of things checked from a professional… God bless!

I’d say your heart rate (beats per minute) will vary, depending on the activity you’re doing. 100bpm is not excessive in itself and is in the upper end of normal range for someone who is not especially fit. If you use a cardiovascular machine in the gym, e.g. a treadmill or cross trainer, etc., these often give recommended ranges based on age and the level of activity that is appropriate to do you good (rather than overdoing it). There is an exercise “target heart rate” page showing such rates here:

For someone on medication or with an AVM, a lower maximum or exercising rate is probably wise but my reading of the page above is that you can have a rate of circa 100bpm when resting, especially if you’re not at the “fit” end of the scale.

Hope this helps a bit,