Being proactive about brain swelling from radiation

Basically three questions here: How can I be confident (before my 1 year MRI checkup) that my brain is starting to swell? How can I be proactive about this (MRI sooner than planned? extra AED's?) if it is? Would there be any harm/danger/problem with this?

I've been getting many small signs that my GK treatment (which was done 8+ months ago) is starting to take effect on my brain. On their own, the symptoms aren't terrible but when all added up, I'm pretty convinced that there is some swelling or at least changes taking place in my brain. I feel like any day now I'll drop down with a grand mal seizure and we'll deal with AED's and possibly steroids from there, but I'd much rather avoid that if at all possible. My neurologist likes to be reactive when it comes to these things, and my neurosurgeon is a tough-ass (for lack of better word) and is hard to get in touch with. After knowing my body for 25 years and dealing with this new-found condition for a year, I have a keen sense for when something is amiss and I'm just trying to be proactive and help myself.

I applaud you for being aware of your body and what's going on with it. I would suggest you keep notes of what you are noticing and how often it's occurring. That will help you to explain it at your next drs. app't. If you are concerned of what's going on -- I would definitely request an MRI. It won't hurt anything,... I had my first MRI 6 months after I had GK.

I get swelling quite often and the only thing my drs. told me to do was to rest. Limit my activities to practically nothing and bed rest till I feel better. I added to that and I'll use ice packs when it gets to bad. A migraine is my worst symptom of a flair up. But, I also get extra light headed when it acts up too.

If you suspect you may be headed towards a seizure. -- NO caffeine at all. That can make it worst. Do nothing that is strenouse - that increases your blood flow and your blood pressure. Rest is the best thing you can do for yourself at that point. I would suggest you Go to the E.R. if it starts to get bad for you.