Has anyone tried bioenergy healing for relief from symptoms such as fagigue, headaches and one-sided weakness?,

I did some research and what I found was - What they are calling "Bioenergy". Is the same thing as Therapeutic Touch. I studied Therapeutic Touch before I got into Reiki. I've been practicing Reiki now for over 15 years. So, I'm very familiar with energy work.

To answer your question. Yes....It can help. It depends on how good the Practitioner is. It's usually better to go to someone whom you've heard about. Watch their pricing... many people are only in it for the money. For a practitioner - that's the wrong attitude to have. The price should be kept within reason.... not an outrages amount.

I hope this helps.


If you are interested - you can also look into using healing stones or what they call "semi-precious stones". I'm sure you are familiar with amethyst, emeralds, and ruby. There are 100's of different stones that have a healing property/energy to them. When you buy these in there natural form and not gem quality, they are very very cheap. Often for only a dollar or two.

Amethyst - is good for calming and relaxing
Ruby - is good for increasing ones own energy level. This works very subtle.
Citrine - is good for emotional balance and digestive problems.

That's just to name a few. This is something that's easy to look up online. If you are interested. Or... You can just ask me... :)



I don't know where to begin. I can talk all day about this.. lol

First let me say: I applaud you nurse friend for offering her services to the widows. That was very kind and generous of her. When I'm more active in doing Reiki, I also have certain things that I need to do to keep my energy levels up. I still do some of them on a daily basis but, that's more for my own benefit now.. :)

You are absolutely right about you need to pick out your crystals personally. Through the years I've been able to accumulate a good collection. I have over 100 quartz crystal points. Eight of them are 8" to 12" long (my biggest one) and 3" to 5" in diameter. I have four crystal balls, only two of them are perfectly clear. That doesn't matter to me though - I like the energies they give off and they can fill a room well... :) Believe it or not - I use all of my crystals. I like to do crystal lay outs. That's something I can only do when I don't have my God-daughter. She won't let them alone.. lol

My stones:/ Although most of them I did pick myself. Since they give off a distinct energy/vibration. I have in the past ordered a few sight unseen. Like all stones I get - I clear them and charge them. Most stones and all crystals - you can soak them in salt water to clear out all of the negativity they may have. Clear quartz's and stones - you can put them in direct sunlight to charge them.
Amethyst, rose quartz, citrines and some agates - you have to be careful of direct sunlight (of any long periods) with those. The sun can bleach them or make them lighter in color. I often will put them outside during a full moon and do it that way.

I assume you already know all of this but, I thought I would share it for others to know... :)

I use Melody's book: "Love Is In The Earth" as my encyclopedia of the healing properties of the stones. It's 708 pages of wonderful information. I highly recommend it....I just love it.

his sophie, great topic. i used acupuncture and it helped in my recovery. In hospital, they had reiki volunteers and it was very soothing during a high-stress time. I love guided visual imagery, and you can download music for a buck or two, very effective. given how we know stress causes pain and physical symptoms, we can assume that positive thoughts, visualizing healing would do the same. i found it enormously helpful as was really any kind of physical exercise. anything that reduces stress in a healthy way is bound to help fatigue and headaches too!

personally, i think yoga and tai chi kind of do the same thing as acupuncture and other energy practices, doing a sun salutation seems to get the body energy really going.


I'm glad you mentioned guided imagery.... I forgot - I have a cd of that. Thanks for reminding me.. :)

I keep thinking about trying acupuncture. Your good experience from it makes me consider it again.


Yea... get you grandson a rock tumbler. Let him play with it though.. LOL