has any of you dear friends taken part of eeg biofeedback training?I started last week and believe it helps me in recovering and kicking AVM and aneurysm of my brain.

CHeers, Magda

Magda, I have no idea what that is but I would like to know more about it! I have regular EEG’s with my Neuro as I have had open brain surgery & damage; my Neuro tells me that my brain is like an electrical storm due to brain damage. He also tells me that it is not going to get any better! I have Aphasia & Dysprxia so have no idea if i could do what you are doing. I would really appreciate some more info if you wouldn’t mind! Many thanks, Lesley.

Hi Lesley, that is kind of a brain work training, it may help to make brain working better! It was woked out by American psychologist for NASA and may helps ao to get better in epi, after hemorriges. As that is tough for me to explain it in English, as I have most materials on it in Polish, so I would suggest you to google it and you find it for sure and the trainers as well.

Let me know if you’ve found it. If not I will try to translate a bit…

People like we need to have at least 50 trainings. I have once a week, but if you have time you can have twice a week.
Let’s stay in touch.

Cheers, Magda

Lesley, google exactly eeg biofeedback, as there are a few kinds of biofeedback. We need eeg one.

I was just reading about a center near me that does this kind of thing. They call it neuralfeedback where they do an eeg and map out your brain to see what parts arent working properly, then train your brain to get those areas back up to par. My doctor said he didnt know much about this but that he asumed it wouldnt be covered by insurance and was to expensive. You’ll have to let us know if it works. If its worth the money I’d definatly try it.

Hello Magda & NBuddle, well I have sent a letter via email to find out if i can find anything available in my area. Also to find out the costs. If it expensive, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it as I live alone with a disability pension and just wouldn’t have enough to pay for that type of training. However, I shall wait until I hear back from them, you never know what they may be able to do for me! Many thanks again Magda and good luck to you & NBuddle!

It is not covered by insurance in Poland as well…as a lot of things…anyway it was my second training last week and I’ve read and found out that there are over 50-100 trainings are necessary in case of epi and after haemorrhage. It is said tha you can feel positive effects like less stress, more optimism, more energy after 10 trainings, so I will be keeping you informed:) As we all know positive thinking is huge percent of getting healthy.
I pray for all of us.

Lesley, do not thank me. Think positive and believe you can do a lot. keep you in my prayers. I feel presence of God each day of my life. I feel strong support from His side. I do not know the cost of one training in the US, but in pOland I pay ca. 15$ for one trainig, but I think that is uncomparable, as the incomes are different. Wish you all the best. HAve you ever read your American Secred by Rhonda Byrne. I like it a lot.

Take care Lesley, Magda

It should have been “Secret”.

Magda, it’s been great getting your messages! I still haven’t heard back, however, I am staying positive!! I intend to write again if I haven’t heard within a few more days.
I haven’t heard of that book Magda. At this point in my recovery, I am still not ‘great’ at reading, though I do it every day. I started to re-learn reading with baby books 2 yrs ago and am now onto novels…slowly but surely! God is on my side always Magda & you are in my prayers daily too my friend. I will keep in touch; take care & God Bless.xx

Lesley, I am so sorry for my stupid comment about reading. There is also the movie titled the same…Anyway…it is said about believe and programming your days, life. But not for the future but for now. If you want something wery much imagine yau have it, feel it as it was right now. See you healthy, see you reading, talking and be happy of that as you have already got it. Be thankfull of health, whatever you want to get. Imagine strong you have already got it, and then the Universe got your thoughts and gives you. Do not think - I would like to be healthy, as you will only would like to get something. Think - I have it!!! Program it. Do you know what I mean? I wish you red that book. I believe you are doing it now!!!
In my case I imagine my doctor says me "you are totally healthy - your AVM and aneurysm have gone!!!"
I wish you all the best Lesley.