Blame the AVM!

So, based on my 1.5 month crash-course in neurology, I have learned that when you have an AVM, the surrounding brain tissues have reduced blood flow and oxygen. This can damage the surrounding tissue. So the question is…can I blame the AVM for other issues? ADD, anxiety, atrociously bad behavior, tactlessness? My AVM is in the left frontal lobe in the speech/language area of my brain, and I have read that damage to the left frontal lobe is associated with decreased feelings of happiness.

I wish the thing were in the “low self-esteem center” of my brain (which is functioning at full capacity), or the “math center” (which doesn’t work anyway)

I blame my AVM for the memory pyoblems that I’m having, such as forgetting why I went to another room, forgetting things my family says they told me, blanking out on a word I’m about to say, forgetting phone numers or names of people I know, etc, I constantly have to write myself notes. I probably get aggravated with my husband when I’m frustrated with myself. Damn AVM! lol

My avm causes my severe learning disabilities, it is a theory by a psychologist and my neurologist said it could possibly cause it but is not proven, but I have dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADD, and slow to develop. I also have epilepsy that my dr says is caused by the AVM. Ohh ya and like every one else I get major headaches… I don’t know if anxiety, atrociously bad behavior, tactlessness can be included, but hey why not. I would discus this with your neurologist.

I blame the AVM for everything, and I do so retroactively :slight_smile: If someone brings up something I did awhile back, I say well, must have been the AVM lol. It DOES mess with your brain, so in my opinion, and I am no doctor, I would say in interferes with alot of important things.

You crack me up, Jo! Our new mantra: “It’s not my fault…the AVM did it!” lol

YES! This is exactly how I feel.

There is anecdotal evidence that people w/ AVMs have a higher rate of LDs and ADD. I have ADD as well. We should put up a LD/ADD survey.

i want one of those Liam!!!

Me too! lol

No idea but I suffer from severe depression, mood swings, anxiety, aggression etc. etc. Misanthropic apathy. and I don’t think I’ll ever know if the AVM is a cause of it since we are born with them, thus what we feel now is normal for us. It is who we are.

Ya I feel I don’t know what normal is… Any more… Well before meds…

Hey girl,
I blame it all on the AVM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wheather its true or not…who is to say. ALL i KNOW IS THat im different and have to live with this new me! Oh well, I like me and if no one else does that is their problem. lol As far as the anxiety they have great drugs for that stuff. What are they going to do kill ya. My feeling is that we all have been through the war and we deserve to have and do what we want! We earned it. So dear friend don’t stress. It makes things so much worse!

I know I’ve been joking a lot about the slogan and such, but seriously, there is help for the low self-esteem and depression. My doc prescribed Lexapro to help me fight off the crying jags. When I feel low about what I can’t do for my family, I think about what I can do now that I could’t do before I was disabled. Now I’m home when my son comes home from school. When my daughter gets lonely away at college, I’m always available to talk. My husband does most of the cooking and waits on me now! lol He hired a housekeeper to come every two weeks. He’s spoiling me a lot…it’s going to be hard going back to my old life when I’m cured! lol

If that doesn’t help, a good therapist would be a great help. For spouses, as well as patients.

I agree, at first I could NOT retain my classwork. Maybe I tried going back to school too soon. I don’t know if you have your films to compare to mine; but I created a video of my CT (it’s on my page). I had it done last year- 9 years, 11 months afterwards.

My hemorrhage was two years ago this week and, holy —, am I different. The old me definitely would not have cried reading your post, but the new me is wiping the tear that formed from the validation I got from reading that.

“we all have been through the war”

My ex-girlfriend said I changed- you’ll get back to your “old” self.

I never had any symptoms before i was caught int he middle of the fight and suffered head trauma - since then i forget things all the time - i blame my avm for this, i never concentrate when people talk to me (whether its the stress of it all that memory doesnt function cos i am feeling numb)- i blame my avm for this - i blame my avm for all my sick days for when i cant get out of bed yet from the outside i appear fine, i blame my avm for making me feel miserable when i used to be a ray of sunshine, i blame my avm for everything i have ever done wrong- i use my avm as an excuse and yes liam i think those t-shirts sound like a great idea- it would be a great awareness t shirt - we should even set up a fund for the awareness and support of AVM’s and carry it around the world - do fun runs ( o hold on a second i cant raise my blood pressure!- blame the avm!)

One thing i tend to blame the AVM i had for was my very poor short term memory…
Now when i do or say something i shouldnt of, i tell people to give me a break as im only running on 3 quarters of a brain ,now that that the AVM has been removed LOL…

I think feeling and thinking different is definitely a physiological effect of our conditions. but I think its the effect from just having these damn things that affects us too. Thinking back, the pain I endured for years without a diagnosis had a drastic impact on the quality of my life, my depression and my outlook for the future. And now that I lived through a bleed and know what’s going on I have new intense fears and anxiety that I didn’t have before. My memory is different but I think it may have to do with what my mind finds important nowadays. My perspective has changed. I don’t remember trivial things or people’s names as easily (especially if they don’t interest me) I spend less time being polite and going through the motions. The things I find important now are different than they were. Now I want quality time and conversations with quality people and have less patience for anything else. Sounds a little bitchy, huh? In my own defense, my heart has opened and I have more compassion than ever. I’m glad this experience has had some positive effect.

i whole heartly blame my AVM for everything that goes wrong in my life not just my personality change , getting sick , dizzy , mood swings , tiredness, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc but everything .