Blow to the head after AVM treated

Hi all,

History: My husband has an AVM that hasn’t been giving him any trouble since it was embolized in 2006. His right leg is weak since an earlier hemorrhage. He has foot drop and a slight limp, but he walks without help.

Current problem: He was knocked over this weekend by a group of muggers, and he took a blow to the back of the head/neck. The CT scan doesn’t show a concussion or any damage, his head doesn’t even hurt anymore, and nothing seems to be wrong with his neck or back, BUT the right leg is now completely unreliable–weaker, more numb, and with a more pronounced foot drop. He has wounds on his other leg and both arms, but it looks like he did NOT fall on the right leg. Even though he couldn’t walk by himself, the ER discharged him since he has a history of right-leg problems, and he will see his neurosurgeon on Monday. We also talked to the neurosurgeon on the phone.

Does anyone have experience with this? With an area of weakness acting up in such an extreme way with no particular cause? Can we hope it will resolve itself? I would like to think this is just a temporary post-traumatic state, but I’m afraid it isn’t going to get better. It’s hard waiting to see what happens.

Thanks for your help.

Hi JH,

I’m really sorry your husband has had to go through such an awful experience. Lizzie, my daughter, has certainly had her share of blows to the head in the past few years. All of them have happened when she has lost her balance while transferring into or out of her wheelchair. None of them have caused additional damage, but they all were early indicators that there was new swelling in her brain. I would imagine the best thing to do is to keep close watch on any symptoms he is having and take notes as to when they are worse, when they are better, and keep in close contact with his neurologist. I hope he heals soon.